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Nursery for all worship services
Sunday, July 31
9:30 AM - Sunday Classes
10:30 AM - Worship
Buried in Stuff
Rev. Alex Wales
Psalm 107: 1-9, 43; Luke 12: 13-21
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Adult Sunday School - July 24 - 9:30am

Never a Dull Moment with Paul! Please join us in Fellowship Hall with Judy Messenger for Bible Study this week, as we read what happened after he returned to Antioch from Jerusalem, where he ”won the argument“ at that first congregational meeting of the Christian Church!

This week downstairs at Saving Jesus Redux, Pastor Alex will guide a discussion of the Compassionate Ministry of Jesus. Come and see how the compassion shown by Jesus during his life was a challenge to the religious establishment of the time and perhaps, even to our own time. We should have some lively discussion as we struggle to see Jesus as he was and not as we want him to be. That’s 9:30 a.m. this Sunday. New class members are always welcome!

Worship Volunteers Sunday, July 24

Liturgist: Jon Farrell-Higgins
Ushers: Jess Danner, Barbara Koci, Deacon Oroke, Dave Shriver
Nursery Helpers: 10:25 Virginia Chapman, Bev Thompson
Acolyte: Kaden Stevenson
Sound Room: Mary Nestor
Videographer: Triniteens

Sanctuary Flower Ministry - July 24

Sanctuary flowers this Sunday are provided by Ruth Jenkins in loving honor of husband, Jim’s birthday on the 26th.

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