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Nursery for all worship services
Sunday, July 30
9:15 AM - Sunday School Classes
10:30 AM - Worship
10:00 AM - Trinity Fellowship Time
All I Want...
Rev. Alex Wales
Psalm 128: 1-6; I Kings 3: 5-12
The Weekly Word - Pastor Alex's blog reflecting on the Scripture

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--Summer Sunday School will be from 9:15-10am
--Adult Bible study will be doing stories from the Bible and will be in Fellowship Hall
--2nd adult option will be in room 9, Faces on Faith
--Jr/Sr High will meet in room 12 with Pastor Alex and do a Bible study
--Preschool will meet in room E1
--K-6th grade will meet in creation station
--Fellowship Time in parlor from 10-10:30am

Many are Cold, but few are frozen...

and that brings us to the thermostat in Fellowship Hall. If you come into the hall and find it too cold, even though it’s a programmable thermostat, please do not adjust it. It takes so long to bring down the temperature in that high ceiling room, so we set it to keep it cool enough for our HEAT classes, because they create their own heat. If you would bring a sweater/jacket to deal with the cooler temperatures, that would sure help.

We are also requesting that you keep all doors closed (especially the doors leading downstairs and the storage closet doors) to help control the room temperature and save energy. Thanks.

Talpetates Missionaries

Please remember to keep Trinity’s missionaries to Talpetates in your prayers this week. They will be there until next Saturday.

Triniteens This Week

Please remember to be in prayer for our Triniteen missionaries. They will spend 9 days at Montreat.


Want somethin’ to do besides watchin’ TV? Too hot outside? Quelch boredom- come to Trinity where it’s cool! Check out the following happenings this week:
MONDAY: Brown Bag Bible Study 12:05..Volunteer in the church office-just call/stop by..Sticks ’N String 1pm
TUESDAY: Volunteer at Harvester’s 1pm..Volunteer in the church office..join Aerobics class 4pm
WEDNESDAY:..Volunteer in the church office (just 1-2 hrs helps!)
THURSDAY: R&R with the Bible 11am..Volunteer in the church office (see a theme here?..Help fold the Talking Trinity Newsletter 2:30pm..Join Yoga class 5pm
FRIDAY: Volunteer in the church office..Join Aerobics 4pm
MON-FRI: Join HEAT class-pick up a schedule when you volunteer at church ;^] Hope to see you here!

Sanctuary Flower Ministry 7-23-17

Sanctuary Flowers are provided this Sunday to the glory of God by Ruth Jenkins in loving honor of Jim Jenkins’ birthday.

Worship Volunteers Sunday, July 23

Liturgist: Marvin Burris
Ushers:Jess Danner, Barbara Koci, Deacon Oroke, Dave Shriver
Nursery Helpers: Vicky Walters, Janis Holiwell
Acolyte: TBD
Sound Room: Mary Nestor
Videographer: Felishity Blubaugh
Deacon of the Week: Connie Houser


There are still new pictorial directories available for sale at $5 each. Stop by the church office to purchase one.


In the heat of summer we are seeing more requests for hygiene kits. In 2016, we gave out nearly 700 hygiene kits! We are in need of deodorant, bar soap or body wash, shampoo/conditioner in one, razors and shaving cream, sunscreen and chapstick. Thank you in advance if you can help!

Doorstep is open Monday-Friday from 8am-3pm for donations. We are located at 1119 SW 10th Avenue (10th & Buchanan).

Volunteers Needed to Help Adults with Reading

The Topeka Literacy Council will conduct a 2-day tutor training workshop for reading tutors for adults in reading and writing. Course provides techniques to teach adults basic literacy. Cost:$25 for handbook & handout materials. (credit cards not accepted). Fee may be waived for some individuals and organizations. Required 2-day course dates: Saturdays Oct 7 & 14, from 9am to 4:45pm. LOCATION: DOORSTEP Conference Room, 1119 SW 10th Ave. (SE corner of 10th and Buchanan), Topeka
For more information, call the Topeka Literacy Council at 785-234-2806, or email at Please preregister by Friday, September 29.

FREE SUMMER LUNCH - Westminster Presbyterian Church

Free summer lunches for children ages 1 to 18 will continue at Westminster Presbyterian Church until August 11. It is served from Noon to 1pm weekdays and is located at 13th & Boswell. If you know of any children in this age group who would benefit from a nutritional lunch, please let them know.

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