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APC Mission Committee

Welcome to a place that will give you a variety of ways to serve and to personally strengthen and grow in your Christian journey. Mission is the heart of the church. The church supports individuals, as well as local and world projects in cooperation with other Christians. Be sure and scroll all the way to see all the wonderful things happening at APC!

Any church member can bring an idea or project for consideration to the committee. Come join us in this exciting and rewarding work.  Mission Committee meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30 PM at the church.

Trash Bash

Community sponsored clean-up day on Lake Houston’s shore.


Humble Area Assistance Ministries work in concert with other churches and Christian agencies to help those in need.  APC is a covenant participant.

Family Promise

APC is a covenant member of this group established to aid families who are in temporary transition.  The goal is to get a family into housing and a job for the head of household.

KidsHope USA

Volunteers mentor at-risk children at Jack Fields Elementary School.

Home Repair

Volunteers work a day or more for needy homeowners (eg: framing and painting in Bastrop to help recovery from 2011 wild fires.)


Support of missionaries at home and around the world.

Young Adult Volunteers (YAV)

College age to 30 supported for a year in a variety of countries or here in the US.


We have a covenant relationship to support, educate and evangelize among Central and South American countries.

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Donations

PDA enables congregations and mission partners of the PC(USA) to witness to the healing love of Christ through caring for communities adversely affected by crisis and catastrophic events.  PDA is the emergency and refugee program of the PC(USA). The core budget, including staff and administrative costs, is funded through the One Great Hour of Sharing, and its program work is additionally funded through designated gifts. Visit Presbyterian Mission for more information.

Congregational Assistance

The Mission Committee seeks to serve the congregation.  If help is needed, (small home repairs, rides to appointments, etc.) members may contact their deacon who will communicate the need to the committee.

Mission Crafters

Thank you everyone for giving the Mission Crafters the opportunity to create treasures out of repurposed materials that ultimately raised money for a worthy cause.  Even though the Mission Market Fair is over we are going to keep on creating.

Our plans are that we will continue to craft for missions on the first and third Tuesdays of every month.  The crafting sessions will be in the Youth room at the church from 9:00 until 1:00.  Everyone is welcome who has a desire to create and have a good time for a good cause.

Experience in the “arts” is not a prerequisite.

For those of you who want to learn more about the arts, we will be scheduling classes in a variety of art forms, such as jewelry making, stenciling, watercolor, mosaics, collage, card making and others.   These classes will be held on Saturdays and will be open to anyone who wants to learn a specific technique.  There will be a charge for the classes and the teachers will be skilled in the art form.  We are looking forward to giving you the opportunity to discover your artistic side.

For more information about crafting for Missions and upcoming art classes, contact: Nancy Tribolet.

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